You Know It's True

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    The awkward moment when Mark Sloan is so bored during the season finale that he starts playing angry birds.

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i adore this crazy family ahahhaha


    i adore this crazy family ahahhaha

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The one we danced to all night long.


    The one we danced to all night long.

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    Jelena, Jelena, Jelena, Jelena ..


    #supportjelena ..

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    Reblog if you’re a Jelena supporter. I’ll follow you.

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PortraitHello there :) Nice meeting ya :) well yeah so not sure what to write in here but anyways, I'm Emily, I'm 14 years old, I love Selena Gomez,Demi Lovato,Alyssa Shouse, Emily Osment and more. I live in the AWESOME country Sweden :D So yeah thank you for stoping by :)
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